The History Of Castle Leuchtenburg

Uncover almost 1,000 years of the Castle’s history

    • Bergfried aus dem 12./13. Jahrhundert

Leuchtenburg Animation
1221 First documented mention as family seat of Messrs. Lobdeburg-Leuchtenburg
1396 – 1705 Wettin administration office „ Authorities Castle Leuchtenburg“
um 1460 Construction of the fortifications with four fortification towers
1724 – 1871 Castle Leuchtenburg is used as prison, workhouse and lunatic asylum
1873 Touristic development and establishment of a hotel with restaurant (until 1951)
1906 Opening of a museum inside the Gate House
1921 Establishment of the first youth hostel in Thuringia inside the Gate House. The Castle plays an important part in the youth movement in the 1920s and 30s.
1997 Closing down the youth hostel; Gate House and Lodging House remaining vacant
2000 Revival of the historic Saale vineyards at the foot of the Castle
2007 Establishment of the Foundation Castle Leuchtenburg by Sven-Erik Hitzer and start of extensive reconstruction works
2010 – 2014 Implementation of the exhibition concept „Porcelain Experience Castle Leuchtenburg“ and construction of the Visitor Centre, control room and north annex expansion and extension of the Gate House and Lodging House
2016 New opening of the Porcelain Church at Castle Leuchtenburg – making the grand finale of the Porcelain Experience Castle Leuchtenburg
2017 The Foundation Castle Leuchtenburg celebrates its 10th anniversary.